Gold Coast Evening Dresses & Gowns

Gold Coast Evening Dresses & Gowns

Make a statement with one of our exquisite Gold Coast evening dresses. At Rosa and Mary’s Bridal Shop, you will find elegant, stunning gowns for all occasions. A spectacular dress is an indispensable part of every lavish affair and It is our mission to stock beautiful, unique and exclusive dresses from our European and local designers. The timeless qualities of an upscale evening dress make them a shrewd investment for all buyers, allowing them to be worn year after year without fear of them ever going out of fashion or losing their appeal.


As lovers of all things fashion, we’re as passionate about our evening wear as we are about our bridal costumes. We have a keen eye for the most modern trends, and keep a close watch on emerging designers and their unique creations. We stock a variety of dresses from distinguished local names such as Jadore and Tinaholy.



At Rosa & Mary’s Bridal Shop, finding the right evening gown or formal gown for those special occasions is made easy. We Love helping everyone feel amazing in their dress. Whether it’s about the colour, the style, or the fabrics, it’s always about you and being able to wear the dress with confidence. Choosing the perfect evening gown is always such a personal decision. We have the largest and finest evening wear collection on the Gold Coast.



We have dresses for school formals, gala balls, charity balls, Christmas parties, graduations, debutantes, red carpet events and award nights. Finding the right dress is a wonderful experience in itself and whatever your occasion, our friendly staff will lend their expertise to help you choose a garment that is perfect for you and one that you will immediately fall in love with. We will help you select a gorgeous gown from our range of sumptuous designer dresses that will accentuate your natural physique in a way that will leave you brimming with self-confidence and feeling fabulous on your special night out.



The tactile characteristics of a dress are every bit as important as the design itself, and our evening dresses only utilise the very finest fabrics, including; premium chiffon, silk chiffon, French taffeta, satin organza, sequin, jersey, silk wool and lace. Clothing that is made from high quality materials carry a number of tangible benefits for the wearer; it looks better, it feels better, it lasts longer and psychologically, the simple fact that the clothing item is luxurious, finely crafted and valuable can make the wearer feel special and privileged. A majestic evening gown can only ever have a positive effect on you.



When it comes to selecting the right evening dress, there’s three main factors you should consider:

  • Dress shape – just like wedding dress styles, there are many different evening dress styles to choose from, including A-line, ball gown and so on. It’s important that you choose a style that best suits your body type and one that makes you feel fantastic.
  • The fit – a perfectly fitted dress enables you to feel confident and relaxed. A dress that fits too tightly will make you feel paranoid and uncomfortable about your appearance. Likewise, if a dress is too loose, you may be worried about it falling down when you walk.
  • Dress Colour – the colour of a dress has a dramatic effect on a person’s overall look and not every colour suits every woman. Some colours are more appropriate for particular shades of skin and hair colour and our consultants will advise you on which dress is the perfect match for your appearance.



Our promise to you is to deliver “exceptional” service, rather than “expected” service. We strive to help every woman look her absolute best for her grand occasion by helping her choose an immaculate new dress that is perfect for her.


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