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About us

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Helping You to Look Fabulous
With Our Luxurious Range.

Rosa & Mary’s Bridal Shop on the Gold Coast, is a family owned and operated company.

Rosa has been in the clothing industry for 40 years and her daughter Mary joined her 20 years ago. We moved to the Gold Coast in 1994 and have been running our very successful Clothing Alteration business. It has been a natural progression expanding into our bridal, evening and formal wear business.

We are of Italian background, so fashion is in our blood. We love our work. It is very rewarding to help people look their best and feel fabulous about themselves. We want you to have the most amazing memories of your special day for ever. We take pride in selecting the finest fabrics, exquisite styles and quality crafted garments for your special day.

Let us take away the stress of shopping, we have a wonderful range of styles, from traditional romantic to the most modern and elegant designs.


Luxurious Bridal Gowns from
Exclusive Designers.

Our boutique offers a carefully chosen range of luxurious bridal gowns from a hand-picked ensemble of exclusive designers. We take the utmost pride in our work and never stock dresses that we have not observed beforehand.

All of our brides-to-be are treated with warm and compassionate enthusiasm in a calm and relaxing environment, and we endeavour to create a pleasurable experience for you, from the initial consultation, right through to the day of your wedding.

At Rosa & Mary’s Bridal Shop, we don’t just specialise in wedding dresses. We also stock a beautiful range of gorgeous evening gowns, formal dresses and bridesmaid dresses.

Our in-house seamstresses can make all the necessary alterations to guarantee that your glamourous new garment is fitted to perfection. In addition to breathtaking outfits, we also stock an extensive range of marvellous accessories to help take your glamourous new look to a whole new level.

Why Choose Us

  • A wide range of dress collections from world renowned and local designers
  • The very latest designs with the finest quality materials
  • First class craftsmanship and precise fittings thanks to our resident seamstresses
  • Beautiful accessories, including tiaras, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more
  • Professional service and advice from a team of skilled industry veterans
  • An enjoyable experience, from your first visit to your last

Our Brides

Mama Mia!
Your dress lives here.

We are of Italian background, so fashion is in our blood. We love our work.

It is very rewarding to help people look their best and feel great about themselves. Come and visit us in our bridal shop so we can help you find your dream dress!

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