Beach Wedding Dresses (Gold Coast)

beach wedding dresses gold coast

Image courtesy of Rawn and Pallow Photography

Destination weddings – principally beach weddings, are an ever-popular alternative to the traditional church weddings, especially for places like the Gold Coast, where there’s an endless supply of gorgeous beach locales. Like all weddings, searching for your ideal beach wedding dress involves careful consideration for the particular wedding theme and the specific venue.



Whilst there is a whole myriad of luxury fabrics to choose from for your dream wedding dress, not all of these fabrics are suitable for beach wedding dresses. Some materials are too stuffy and stifling for a warm outdoor affair, while others may be too fragile. The following is a list of lightweight fabrics that will help provide that perfect beach wedding dress for you.


Tulle – an attractive option for beach wedding dresses, tulle is both graceful and affordable, so you’ll avoid any feelings of remorse when you’re treading through the sand in it. The fabric is delicate and airy, which looks gorgeous in a beach setting with a nice breeze blowing through it.


Chiffon – another fashionable choice, chiffon is a light woven gossamer material that is well-ventilated, making it an ideal fabric for warm, outdoor ceremonies.


Charmeuse – a light and airy fabric that possesses a beautifully slick and silky sheen, charmeuse is a truly exquisite material, but beware that it does have a tendency to highlight one’s ‘imperfections’.


Taffeta – a luxury fabric made from silk or synthetic fibres, taffeta can be either stiff or soft and has a decidedly dry and brittle feel to it. Its taught qualities offer it a greater sense of dimension but it’s not as gentle as the other fabrics.


Dotted Swiss – a light and breathable fabric that is adorned with dotted patterns to create a relaxed but feminine look.


Georgette – a sheer, lightweight crêpe fabric that isn’t easily disturbed by strong sea breezes.





One of the biggest benefits of a beach wedding is the calm and relaxed atmosphere it creates; one without the pressures and strict formalities of a more traditional setting. The short length allows you to feel free and fantastic on your special day, while ensuring that you won’t get sand in your dress. You can be forgiven for thinking that a short dress might limit your style options but we can assure you that there are many exquisite short length dresses available from leading designers.



There’s nothing that says you have to be scrawny and diminutive to enjoy a stylish beach wedding gown. The bridal industry doesn’t discriminate against fuller figures and there are now more dress styles available than ever for plus size brides. We have a selection of sublime dress designs that capture the true essence of your beauty and will have you looking and feeling amazing on your wedding day.



Getting married amongst the tranquil surrounds of a beautiful beach location evokes a natural sense of charm and enchantment. This makes it the ideal setting for a more edgy style of dress that will have your beloved truly spellbound.



If you and your loved one have decided on a beach wedding and have your heart set on finding a marvellous new beach wedding dress but don’t know where to start, get in touch with the friendly team at Rosa & Mary’s Bridal Shop. We’ll help you discover a wonderful new dress that will look spectacular and have you feeling fabulous at your beachside location.