Mother of the Bride Dresses

Both the mother of the bride dresses and mother of the groom dresses must look stunning on their children’s big day. Personal taste, along with the style of the wedding will determine if it is going to be a decidedly traditional or contemporary outfit. Rosa & Mary’s Bridal Shop assists mothers into making sure that their individual personality is infused into a stunning dress and blends seamlessly with the overall theme of the wedding.

It is not the event alone that makes the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom to become more conscientious about their dress decision, but the blood relations that exist due to the maternal bond that make this decision so important. The team at Rosa & Mary’s Bridal Shop understand the emotional attachment involved and the importance of looking fabulous and offer a wide range of stunning mother of the bride dresses to choose from.

We make your memorable event an everlasting joy by helping you choose a dress that will make you look and feel fantastic during one of your proudest moments as a parent. Beyond dress selection, we also manage the concerns of the mothers and help guide them in the right direction to ensure that they are suitably prepared for their child’s big day. Here are few guidelines for the mothers to decide what to wear and how to get that.

  • Purchase Decision

Just as it is for the bride herself, it is strongly advised that the mother of the bride buys her dress as soon as possible, as leaving the purchase too late can cause a number of issues. Buying your dress sooner will leave you with ample time to have your dress mended.

  • Find a Perfect Match

It’s always a good idea to choose a dress that accommodates your personal style and fits with the theme of wedding. It is much better to stay comfortable with your own style, than let others tell you what you should wear. At Rosa & Mary’s Bridal Shop, we only ever help you to decide what to wear. Your dress will look particularly stunning if it complements the surrounding colours of the location, blends effortlessly into the whole party theme and allows you to be yourself.

  • Style and Accessories

Again it depends upon the way you carry yourself in your formal surroundings and the traditional image you are required to project on your child’s big day. If you’re a young and stylish mother, it is best to wear an equally stylish, backless and strapless dress for the occasion. Otherwise, look to wear a classy ensemble that makes you look even more adorable and respectable.

Just as it is with dress styles, jewellery and other accessories should match the theme of the wedding. To ensure that you look and feel your absolute best, you should accessorise your outfit in a way that not only makes you feel relaxed but also makes your child feel valued in the presence of family, friends, relatives and social contacts.