Gold Coast Wedding Dresses

Gold Coast Wedding Dresses

At Rosa and Mary’s Bridal Boutique, you will find something extraordinary, amazing and spectacular, with lots of lots of bling; the big fairy tale dream. Sleek, ultra contemporary, romantic, timeless, vintage, free spirited, exquisite Gold Coast wedding dresses “like nothing else”.


It’s your special day and we want to help you find the perfect special wedding dress. At Rosa and Mary’s Bridal Shop, we all work as a team to make your dream come true. Each Bride should feel truly special on their wedding day.


The wedding dress is the biggest decision for the bride, so no  matter what colour, shape, size, style or material you’re looking for, our team will help you get started and we will be there every step of the way until the wedding day.


Our vision is to provide each bride with their dream wedding dress. One that reflects your unique character and personal style. We strive to create a couture and one of kind experience for each bride to be. We are continually strengthening our presence as the premier bridal store, not only on the Gold Coast, but Brisbane and the whole of Australia.



All wedding dresses are made with the highest craftsmanship. Only the finest fabrics are used; lace, silk lace, satin organza, deluxe taffeta, soft tulle, beaded tulle and premium chiffon. Hand crafted crystal beading, pearls, sequins and sparkly rhinestones. All sizes available.


We take pride in stocking the most amazing Gold Coast wedding dresses for all style of weddings and all budgets. For those who have the vision of their dream dress, we are passionate about helping you achieve this. For those who don’t know where to start, it is our expertise that will guide you through the journey to create your magic day.


We would love nothing more than to be part of your special day. So make an appointment today and we can work together to create your dream dress.


Our promise to you is to deliver “exceptional” service rather than “expected” service.


That’s our commitment to you.


If you are on a quest to find your ultimate wedding dress but cannot decide where to begin, a good idea is to consider the following three things; your personal style, your body type and lastly, the style of wedding you wish to have. For those who desire to have a classic fairy tale wedding, complete with all the majesty and magnificence of a royal celebration, then a ball gown wedding dress could be ideal.


Below is a list of popular wedding themes and our suggestions for a wedding dress that best complements it.


Classical – If you are looking to have a classical wedding, then an elegant gown is a perfect choice for your setting and one that is guaranteed to emphasise your best features. Finish the look by combining this gorgeous ensemble with a beautiful veil and sumptuous earring set.


Destination –  if you like the idea of having your marriage ceremony upon the shorelines of a gorgeous beach or amidst the tranquil surrounds of some other scenic locale, then a destination wedding may be just the thing for you. The quintessential dress for a beach wedding is crafted from ultra-light fabric such as chiffon or silk, which has a tendency to drift and glide when exposed to the gentle sea breeze and which helps promote comfort and breathability.


Contemporary – for something that’s a little different to a conventional dress, maybe you would prefer a wedding gown that is slightly shorter than a traditional one. Such dresses are perfect for swanky, inner-city weddings.



  • Engage the services of our professional staff
  • Always begin the search for your dress, well in advance of your wedding date. If you leave it too late, it may limit your choices. Likewise, it’s not a good idea to go shopping too soon, unless your location and theme has been finalised
  • Generally, it’s recommended to have the order placed around 9 months before the wedding, particularly if your marriage occurs during the summer
  • Browse our through our various wedding dress galleries and make note of the designs that take your fancy. This way you can have a set of favourite dresses lined up, before you set foot in our store
  • Be sure to set your budget before you go shopping for your wedding dress. Otherwise you may end up spending way beyond your means. Don’t become obsessed with buying a particular designer brand, choose one that looks best on you and is within your budget
  • Have a style in mind. Take a look at as many magazines and websites as you can to get a feel for the style of dress that you’re after and one that complements your chosen venue and wedding type (traditional chapel, beach wedding, outdoor ceremony etc). This will make shopping for your dress a great deal easier. Also, be sure to choose a style of wedding dress that suits your body shape
  • It’s always a good idea to bring along a close friend or your mother to help you shop for your dress. Having more than one person accompany you can complicate things and actually hinder rather than help you
  • Don’t hurry your decision. Finding that perfect dress may not happen instantly, but even if it does, don’t feel pressured into make a decision straight away
  • Be sure to consider any accessories you wish to wear with your dress, such as a veil, tiara and so on
  • If you have children, leave them with a carer
  • Wearing very little makeup or none at all will give you a better idea at determining which dress tones complement your complexion
  • Buy the dress at your current dress size. Even if you intend to lose some weight before your wedding day, it’s a lot easier for a seamstress to alter the wedding dress to make it smaller than it is to make it larger (ie. If you buy the dress at the size that you intend to slim down to, only to discover that you are still too big for the dress when the date of the wedding draws near)



When it comes time to shop for your dream gown, preparation is key. Wear a bra that fits you well and flatters your bust. If you discover some immaculate dresses that really grab your attention, then it’s a good idea to try on some of our breathtaking accessories as well. Complementing the dress with an exquisite tiara could be just the thing that convinces you that this is the gown you have been searching for!


When deciding on who should accompany you to the bridal shops, it’s important that you don’t overdo it, as an excessive number of people can hinder your judgement. Bring a select few of whom the opinions you know you can trust. And remember, you will always have the experience and expertise of our warm and caring staff to rely upon, to help you choose your perfect garment.



Whether you’ve got a good idea of what style of dress it is that you wish to purchase or have no idea at all, the best thing to do is get in touch with the friendly team at Rosa & Mary’s Bridal Shop and let them help you choose that fabulous new wedding dress you have always desired.


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