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Wedding Dress Journey

They say finding the perfect wedding dress is like falling in love…except your dress doesn’t pay for dinner or take you out on fancy dates (more like the other way around).

Being a bride is a new territory for a lot of us. It’s like one day you are deciding on what to order for take out and the next you’re making some adult decisions about who to marry for the rest of your life and what to wear while doing so. There’s pressure from the moment you say yes to the engagement to the day you’re walking down the aisle to plan, prepare and know exactly what you want.

But the truth is – who really knows what they want? And how do you know if what you want, is really what you want? Or is it just something that someone else wants you to want – too many wants? Yup.

A lot of brides enter our showroom with a picture of a dress or an idea of what they want to look like on their wedding day. Which is totally fine, however you’d be shocked to see how many actually end up falling in love with a dress completely different than what they imagined.

Did you know a person can only hear up to 30% of their real voice? In the same way I feel as if we only know 30% of our personality or see only quarter of what we really like. We blind ourselves by only limiting our eyes to see what we think we will like.

Feels limiting hey.

The truth is I wish more Brides were aware that it’s okay to not like the dress from the photo that you thought would look perfect but let’s you down in person.

It’s okay to try on different styles, fits and materials. It’s okay to change your mind as you go. Finding a dress that preaches your personality is not always an easy task and it is more than okay to allow yourself to experiment and be honest with how different styles make you feel.

So here’s 3 tips that will help you embrace the what we like to call – ‘The Wedding Dress Journey’

  1. Dress for yourself – no one else.

Let’s be real, the girl in the picture is not you and even though the dress might look beautiful on, if you don’t feel like yourself when you’re wearing it then it’s probably not the right one. What we wear should reflect who we are and show off our greatest assets.

Know what you want, but be willing to adapt with how you are feeling when the dress is ACTUALLY on.

  1. It’s okay to like and dislike parts of a dress.

When trying a dress on don’t just generalise the entirety of the dress, ask yourself what it is you do or don’t like about it.

It’ll help you and your stylist make a better decision for the next dress you try on.

For example if you have a dress on and you absolutely hate the sleeves but love the snug fit then tell that to your stylist so they can find dresses without sleeves that have a similar fit as the pervious dress – and continue to do the same process with the next dress & so on.

It’s a step by step process. Don’t just get a dress because it’s on trend or what you think you ‘should’ wear.

Fashion comes and goes, so you might as well wear what you actually like.

  1. Please, have some fun.

If I told the 7 year old version of you that you get to go dress up in stunning wedding dresses for an hour and half you would be over the moon and would be beaming with joy for the whole experience.

Try to enjoy the experience, it’s not every day you get to wear a wedding dress. Let your hair down and have a laugh with the people you have brought with you to the showroom. Take the pressure off and ease into the experience.

Whether you find what you are after or not, it has been a step in the right direction. As a stylist it is the hardest thing to see a Bride not being able to enjoy the experience because they are so stressed and weighed down with pressure. We want you to feel upbeat, free and like the best version of yourself.

To sum it all up – the bridal journey is a great one to walk down, but even better if you skip and dance along the way.

Mama Mia!
Your dress lives here.

We are of Italian background, so fashion is in our blood. We love our work.

It is very rewarding to help people look their best and feel great about themselves. Come and visit us in our bridal shop so we can help you find your dream dress!

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